Thank You!
from our host, Brent Ware

Warm Southern Greetings from the Heart of Dixie!

It is with deepest humility and joy that I and the entire Ware Family extend our heartfelt thanks to all the Reunion participants. Thank all of you for taking time out of your busy schedules to travel off the beaten path to Nashville. My special thanks to all of the organizing committee for your hard work and encouragement this past year; You're the best!

The many heartfelt cards, letters & emails received from so many of you have been a blessing. To my classmates, friends, family and those of greater Tokyo during the 1970s you fulfilled a dream to bring us all together, (ASIJ, ISSH, St. Mary's) to experience the elation of being in our "hometown" once again. For me and I know many others, our hometown only exists in those fleeting moments when all of You are present between the same walls. It seems a dream but the sense of place, love and unconditional acceptance is found in that Emerald-City of an ASIJ-Reunion-OZ.

Somehow, each reunion, BBQ, or event seems sweeter than the one before. When I see your smiling faces I know I am but a vapor, sense my own mortality, and that each of you hold a place in my heart that can be filled by no other. I love that High School is over and we are all able to get to know each other as parents, grand parents, husbands, wives, widows, widowers, professionals, employees, employers and homemakers to mention but a few. So much has happened in 30 years and a long weekend is never enough time to catch up which is why the ASIJ BBQ Movement is important. It gives us the format to share and grow older on an annual basis meeting each others families and catching up on life's current events. It can become a time where we can share our struggles & triumph's.

Lisa DeYoung Jastram & Company really brought it all home with the service Sunday morning. For one day we can all hope to be joyously remembered by other Alumni in such beautiful song and meditation. There is a love and belonging that exists between us that is undeniable no matter the events of decades ago. We find hope, healing, forgiveness and peace by knowing where we belong on this planet. And that peace and love with all of you is treasure.

To all of you who were unable to attend know that you were truly missed and we all hope to see you at future events. Toronto is next. All of you who took pictures like we were a traveling troupe of paparazzi please email them to Steve Sundberg at and view the growing photo & thoughts scrapbook at Please let me encourage you to add your own thoughts to the web site and get those pictures in to Steve!

With Thankfulness, Deep Respect & Love to All,

Brent Ware '74 & Family
Judy, C.J., Dylan, Benjamin & Julia